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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Syahmi Mie Mie

Syahmi or MiMi
17 going to 18
Live at 18 but we call it Seberang :P
Honest Softheart Gay n Hot

When i 1st noe mimi is when i hangout with Afiq n always afiq got alot hot friend.
well he also hot.hahaha Mimi is a good loking guy with kind heart but got problem in relationship.
He rite now is confuse and doesnt noe which one is suit for him.hahaha well syahmi keep looking
Syahmi always invite us to go with him to watch movie at sunway.
but today i cant coz i got work..haha sorry syahmi..but u guys have a lot of fun i noe...
anyway tommorow he will visiting his grandparent.there he can release his stress that burden him for long enough.hahahaha
Well About Syahmi he is a gay friend of mine n he love to dance when a techno is in the air(sure he does coz he a GAY)hahahaha.Well that the way he is.Keep going n i be support u my gay :D

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