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Friday, February 20, 2009

About My Friends:Afiq

Ahmad Afiq.
17 going to 18 this 30 september
Live at Section 8.
Body got extra luggage
Handsome Hot n Softheart

Haha this time i wanna tell all u girls n guys about my friend..his name is afiq aka afiq baik.but u can call him Hot or whatever that suit him.1st time i meet him in myspace.when that time i didnt even noe him.when we have conference with other i noe him that he school at SSAAS.i was wow same school but didnt recognize him...well he a shy guy but now a hot guy.hahaha...well he always keep secret with me. i dont noe why but it's ok and i dont care about it coz it his life.even he catogeries as fat but he got gf so hot man.hahaha afiq is also kind handsome softheart(with his gf only) n damn to macho...everybody love him..when we together he always think yellow(some other said Blue)hahaha...his also Dr.Love for all of us..thx afiq.He also have his weakness.
that is always said on the way but he still at home(suck la u afiq)hahaha.somehow it's not his fault.
hahaha lastly when ppl call him cute,hot,handsome,macho or whatever he will reply "kau ah"
hahaha :P...
that all about afiq for now...want to noe him so well?u can ask me his numb but now he not available rite now...

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