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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Muhammad NABIL

Muhammad Nabil
17 going to 18
Live at Section 7
Hobi Play XBox 360 n Hangout with Friends

Today is about my other friends,Nabil.He a though smart looking guys.but he also an emotional guys.I know him when i'm that time me hafiz nabil ammar azira nabil farah n hanum was a good friend n good rival that time we always love to tease ammar with his mole.hahaha.nabil easy to get migrain.that time i call him MIG coz always migrains after sport lesson.but now not anymore.hahaha
.well that nabil i noe.hahaha.He also very good kindhearted guy.
He always call me Cool at me,well that my style.Im Cool bil.hahaha
He want to be a pilot and he mean it.he also got alot of scandal (well i dont noe for now).
But in relationship is not to good for him rite now(its ok Bil not a good time for now)
When He hangout with me he never stop teasing me.if i can smack his face down to my foot i really do that hahaha.anyway i'm need to fight for just little thing.
Well That All i noe about him,owh wait he also love to eat chocolate.hahaha.
if u want his numb i can give coz rite now he available hahaha.FOr GIRLS ONLY LA,Gay also can hahaha

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